With very little of this dramatically beautiful dragon shaped private island touched by development, Namena Island is truly a lost utopia. It comes from a combination of a romantic past, an unspoiled present and a sense that one has stepped into a world where time has stood still.

A private island.

Your own secluded beach. Surrounded by a world class coral reef.


We think it's a lost nirvana to discover like no other.  Our guests think ...

“Unique and Wonderful Diving Experience and Accommodation”


“Absolutely Special place”




“Snorkling adventurland”


“Wonderful Kindness”




“Personal Island paradise”




A Tropical Wildlife Sanctuary

Spend a morning or afternoon hiking to the Dragon's Head; one trail follows the ridge where at the highest point of the island - 400 feet- you will find the remains of an ancient ring fortification - relics of the migratory Lapita people who lived in the islands prior to the present-day Fijian peoples. Walk through virgin tropical forests and observe nesting red-footed boobys, resident fruitbats hanging in their 'camp', watch the lesser frigates circling high above waiting for the boobys to come home with their dinner so they can attack and force the booby to drop the fish, catching it in midair!


Endangered sea turtles nest on the beaches of Namena Island, and more than a thousand sea birds roost atop the island’s trees.

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Adventure and Explore

Walking trails are carved across the tropical forest, leading one to remote beaches where a picnic lunch can be sent upon request. At the highest elevation - around 400 feet - there are rock ruins of an ancient civilization and samples of pottery found here were sent off and analyzed to be 2000+ years old. 

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