Retreat. Relax. Revitailize.  Welcome to Nirvana.

We only have 6 guest Bures, each consisting of one king size bed with two bathrooms and all separated by large distances from one another. Make a reservation today before we're fully booked and you truly will have the feeling of having an island all to yourself.

Simply South Pacific

Our six bures are built in traditional Fijian bure style, each boasting its own unique view of the sea from its clifftop location. Each bure is also privately nestled into the tropical forest, drawing attention to the stunning natural surroundings of the island. 

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Traditional Fijian cuisine in a traditional setting

Each day you can enjoy the local Fijian delicasies prepared for you to enjoy and embrace.  Guests are invited and encourgaed to come togeather and share both the food and their adventures of the day.  Tell tall tales of the reef or a secret spot you found on the island, there is always a story to be found around the dining table.

Relax, dive, snorkel and soak up the tropical sun.  

Each Bure provides you with a spectacular view to start and end the day with.  Fiji time is when the week comes to an end and you have simply lost track of the days and think let's spend another week on this island  paradise.

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